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Schnell und intuitiv Spitze! Thanks a lot for landscape (iPad)!!!

Awesome app

Easy to use, you can make a nice movie with it. Theres an demo showing how it works. Love the app.

App crash

App crashes every time when try to open list of songs from library.

An awesome movie editor app!

Beautifully designed and very easy to use!


I saw that this app was listed as FREE days after downloading I was billed $6.99 No reply trying to receive refund. Just Saying...

Modern UI ?

can you bring some modern UI interface

Veeeeeery good

This App is excellent

I love it so much

I downloaded lots of apps and came back to this.This is the best app ever.

No Words

The most expensive app Ive bought, but it was soooo worth it. I love the creator honestly no app can compete with this editing app, even iMovie looks sooooo low compared to this app. This app can rival big expensive computer video editing software. I would recommend this app 1000000 out of 10 times.




excellent application, you need an upgrade to be compatible with ios 9 and still not be able to save the video to ipad, everything else is excellent in the application, good job

Movie split

Well this app is very awesome very awesome I made the best decision buying this app I hope it stays the Way that it is because its awesome I am going to make my own movie thank you guys so much

Doesnt work waste of money!!!

Doesnt work waste of money!!! Doesnt work waste of money!!! Doesnt work waste of money!!! Doesnt work waste of money!!!

Movie spirits

No doubt the best app ever I love it make your own movies its so flip In Awesome you got to try it

Very good

Very good

Please help

Very good But We need the screen iPad full

Slight learning curve

As with any decent vid editing app it there is a slight curve, but its worth the time. Easy to add clips, pics and sounds on a first gen mini pad. Crashed a couple of times when trying to adjust sound clips but did not lose any media or positioning. When you import music or sound effects you cant listen to them first. But no biggie. Nice.

Jam Time

This has achieved what apparently none other can even approach with it simple yet powerful multitrack video and multitrack audio real time editing console. Let the creativity roll!

Great App For The Price

This app is great for editing videos for YouTube. I use it all the time and I recommend it. About as good as iMovie except takes up less space.

Simply Fantastic!

Man some of these reviews... Chroma key, works great just use the color range slider to melt away that grey... Instagram template, um its square so that would be a 1:1 setting. I did see a couple good ones like adding the ability to group layers together and move them as one. Another is the review about drawings not compiling correctly when motion point is used...that needs fixed. All in all though, for an iPad app...this is fabulous! I compare it to Adobe Premier. It actually goes beyond Premier in some just have to think outside of the box. I love this app, keep up the good work! Update: Wow! This app just got way better with the ability to group layers and even items on the same layer! Great job and thanks for listening!

Please read!!! 🙏🙏🙏

they could put more fx Excellent the option to extract audio from the videos. I congratulate you!!

Lots of great options

Gives you a truckload of options and effects. Advanced far above many of the apps out there.

daraja yaka

dastan xosh bêt


Vrey good good good and vrey vrey easy 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Navigating takes a little getting used to, but this is a great app. And... you can export your movies as .gif files. I use it quite a bit just for that. 👍👍

Best of the best

This app is the best application in its class. So many features..

Great app

The best app for editing😍 Thanks 🙏

Some requests

An excellent editing pro , but here we want two importan thing :- 1- Width of Text when we increase the width , as we choose red color for example , the red color enter the letters , so we want and it's better , the red color(border) be in outward direction . as a result the text being very clear and full esthetic ❤️ 2- Size of the exported video absolutely size of exported video is very large for example , when we export 5 min. video in high quality , the size will be huge abou 400 MB or more . + I hope you will fix , these two main problems , thanks for your best pro ❤️

Chroma key doesn't work

Chroma key is ruined from the previous updates 😔, whenever i try to remove the green from a green screen video or clip it doesn't remove it, instead it replaces it with a grey pixelated background 😤, even though after every new update I check if it's fixed but no it's not, I think it's an incredible app with great features on a smartphone, but work on the previous problems instead of introducing new features, thank you for your time. 🙏🏻


Berry good excellent I love this application

برنامج جداً جميل وانصح به

مميزات جداً جباره وسهل الاستخدام




Very good app

Worth It!

Video editing is my favorite thing to do on iOS. There are many apps that offer a few basic features and a few apps that offer many features. This one is the latter. You will be impressed with the adjustment tools, effects, animations, and special features like chroma key. Kudos to the developer! I love the app, but it lacks an iOS feel in terms of the user interface (swipe, pinch, and tapping gestures) and graphically awkward. For example, it would be nice if you could use finger gestures to expand and contract the timeline, rather than tapping on the tiny blue outlined icons. Another minor thing is the contradictory actions encountered (e.g. flip horizontal results in a vertical flip, and vice versa, and the + symbol to expand the timeline, condenses it). In spite of these minor shortcomings, this app deserves more attention. I will review it and feature on my YouTube channel (myapplepodcast)

Please help

I like the app so much but i have a problem now, when i want to add a video the picture didn’t show’n only the voice of the video

Why you should buy it ?!

Because simply it’s the best iOS app video maker I’ve used in my life. I have à channel on YouTube since years and I have more than 50k followers and we all agreed that MOVIE SPIRIT. So Big up to the creator team, thank you so much for this gift and we always wait for your successful Updates every time 👍🏽

Needs a Instagram templet

Love the app! But... If it had an instagram video size so I don’t have to eye ball it every time it would be the best video app editor, hope the developer reads this! By the way great job!


Owww good app😍

Excellent App

Excellent App

Best movie maker is the App Store hands down, but has some bugs.

I don't normally write reviews, but this app deserves it. It's amazing. It's the closest thing you'll find to using Adobe After Effects on your phone. The developer is great and throws out updates regularly with fixes and improvements. However, there are a few bugs here and there. For example: when you animate a drawing layer with key frames, the video appears as it should in the viewport, but it does not render out the drawing correctly or in the right position when compiled. Please continue to make the app even more amazing and with more features in the future!! Thanks, you guys are awesome.

A bunch of undefined buttons

There is no help, the interface is a bunch of buttons with uncertain functions. And the worst part is that you cannot add transitions. Other than that it is a subpar editor with uninspiring color effects.

I love it 😍😍😍



you are the best & favorit my application❤️

best app ever for croma key

buy it I very recommend it


Download it now!! You don't need to buy any in-app purchases to make great movies!! Best I've seen for the money!!

Very nice program ✌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

Easy and simple and great app

The Best

So thanks to best app for editing video ....

Awesome app / Dream App

It’s really Awesome. Was looking this type App since long time ago . Love you Guys . Keep it up

Very good but

Very good but add YouTube to share video when completed

I strongly advise

The program is professional and its use very easy and simplified and it has many advantages, I used a lot of paid and free software, the program is excellent compared to the price and evaluation of his 8.7 / 10


Make an intro free

Great app....But

The downside of using this app ,when you buy an intro you're only able to use The title that you requested ,you're not able to rename the intro with different titles . You have to give your home address and it takes about one day to send your intro because it has to be done on their server. Makes no sense to me because with other apps ,when you buy an intro you can use that same intro and change it to whatever title you want without waiting and it doesn't ask you for your home address. Sounds a little suspect to me. Other than that this app has awesome potential

Best app ever

This app is #1 on my daily essentials , can do any thing without it , all of my youtube videos was done by it , the outcome is awesome. Thank you for being the best



Great App

I've been using this app for over a year now and it has worked very well for me. You are able to get amazing results due to its abundance of features. However, I do wish you could be a bit more precise with elements. I work a lot with text and images and sometimes I need them in the center, but I never now if it's actually centered. I also wish there was a more precise color picker tool (maybe so you can use the hex or rgb code). These two things don't interfered with app though. Overall, this is a good app that can just use a few more additions.


When I wanted to start editing videos to upload to my YouTube channel, I searched for so long trying to find a good editor for my device. I download countless apps that were complete s*it but eventually I found this app. I was blown away! It has so many amazing features! Every day I seem to discover something new! I thought I had seen everything but I wasn't even close! The new intros feature is great and very professional. Sure, they cost money, but they are amazing and worth the cost! The prices range from $O.99-$5.99. When I've given feedback and reported bugs, I've gotten quick responses and tips on how to avoid the bugs until the next update, (which they usually come often). If you want a video editor, CHOOSE MOVIE SPIRIT!!!


I'm a user of iMovie on my Mac, which is great. However, it's not as user friendly on the iPhone. This app is incredibly feature-rich and powerful. It's really easy to learn, and I've created truly amazing videos to post online that impress my friends. Blend and trim clips, add photos, music, transitions,'s all there, and you don't have to be a genius to figure things out. I highly recommend for the amateur video maker who wants to create professional-looking videos.

Best app for ever ❤️

Thanks to you , keep going ☝️

Finally found a good editor!

I've been looking for an editing app that can do the things this one does for so long, and this one nails it!

Please Add Eases

This is all around, the best video editor out there. I just have one wish. I just would like eases for transitions. That would mean a lot to me. Thanks!


افضل تطبيق بلا منازع

Add to my font

Nice app

Very Upset

Im upset about this app because i was in the middle of making a movie and the app closed on me and now i cant upload any videos. I even tried to start a new one and it wouldnt let me uplaod videos. I just paid 20 dollars for this app and its already giving me issues 😡 pleaseee fix


برنامج خرافيي انصح بتحميله😍❤️

Fntastic app

But we need more transitions And we need improvements and speed in editing And add more editing for key motion

Nice idea but flawed

I loved the idea of this app and could have so much fun with it, but unfortunately it consistently crashes. Heavy use of more than 2 videos will make it crash and run slow including in the timeline preview. All that said there are some really nice features that are unique like adding a video on top of another video and being able to 4 corner crop the overlay video stretching it how you please. Really wish this app was better equipped to handle what it attempts to achieve.

great app ever

I made movie by app is easy professional can add clip text sound photo and more in one app Ihope add more arabic font is only 2, Thanks and I wait more wedding theme and Arabic font 👍🏼

Above par, misses a few marks

First, this is a great little editor that has most of the features as the more "professional" apps. Easy to use, quick, quality is pretty good. However, it does leave a fairly large watermark, and I can't find any way to either turn it off or any IAP to remove it. And yes, the UI could be better, though it could really be much worse, and I don't find it a hinderance to its capabilities. If the dev(s) are actively improving this, I can see it becoming a decent powerhouse.

Soooo Nice :))

Best in all of themes 👍👍

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